Montfaucon and environment

Monuments and memories of the Great WarMonuments and memories of the Great War

Montfaucon, in full Montfaucon d Argonne, is often on lists of places to go to learn more about WW1.
The American monument and the ruins of the abbey on top of the hill are worth your attention.
The ruin is almost a magical place: a witness of many battles but now by the special light a very peaceful place.

Close by B&B Arara are interesting places to visit such as de butte de Vauqois, the Sergeant York trail (Châtel-Chéhéry, Forest of Argonne, Ardennes), the American Cemetery (Romagne-sous-Montfaucon) the Kaiser tunnel (Forest of Argonne) and of course the forts and the Charnel house at Verdun.

Rural and wooded walking

Montfaucon view

At the B&B we have walking maps for you so you can make the most special tours.
Because it is a sparsely populated area nature is in all its facets so clear and beautiful.
You can see deer, wild boar and birds which are rare in the Netherlands and Flanders. And let us not forget the flora, wild orchids.


For fishermen there are several options, if you interested let us know we will get you a day pass.

Champagne and wine

With wine from France most people have an association with the South of France but in this region are also fine wine made.
And then there is the special category of wines, champagne which (even if you have nothing to celebrate) is very tasty.
From the B&B it’s about an hour drive to the Champagne region. Every village in this region has at least 10 champagne houses of well-known  names like Moet&Chandon, Mercier, Mumm, Pommery and also small independent champagne farmers.

Too much information and you do not know which of the champagne houses to visit? Ask us, we will gladly give you advice.

Impression of the region